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ROUGE, a feature film by Mieke Daneels

When the umbilical cord is cut between Rouge and her child, she struggles with an empty gut feeling, loneliness that triggers and anxious tension. Rouge conducts an inner dialogue with Mieke Moes, the other Rouge in her head. She helps Rouge through her dark moments and loneliness. Her psychiatrist penetrates her emotional ballast and maybe goes just that little bit too far. Mieke Moes watches over Rouge. Rouge takes matters into her own hands again and gets rid of her blockages through sexual discharge.

Director’s Statement, objective

The viewer becomes a voyeur in the mind of the main character Rouge and her inner voice Mieke Moes, both played by the director Mieke Daneels.

We follow her inner dialogue during loneliness and her struggle with letting in / opening up to her psychiatrist who tries to help her analyse.

The minimalistic narrative style, imagery and free association are the medium here.

Mieke Moes, the character of the inner voice, is portrayed with black and white images that were sourced from the director's personal film archive and were originally intended for a different project with her ex-partner Kris De Meester. From this same archive she used the pregnancy and foetus footage (real images of her son Napoleon).

These autobiographical images were filtered and edited with sound and music, and supplemented with new recordings of Rouge (iPhone, mostly on a selfie tripod) to create a cinematically voyeuristic print.

Director’s Statement, subjective

Who am I

Those voices in my head

Are they me

How many am I

Do they like me

Are we kind to each other

We understand what we feel and do

Even though it's a barrel of contradictions

My constant companion

Who I ignore and beg

To stand by me

Don't leave me alone

Keep on talking

With me

Lead me through

This maze

What we call life



Loving and letting go

From our children

Growing life within us

Two heartbeats

A human inside a human

Cutting the umbilical cord

And giving life

Being a woman

Becoming a mother



Not knowing


And how

That pain

The emptiness comes

The doctor

Let in

Into our soul



The loneliness

Experienced emptiness

Strangles us

Seats sleep

Day and night


We repel the intruder

Who means well

And satisfy ourselves

With an orgasm

Actress | Producer | Director | Writer


2022 ‘Rouge’ / Rouge and Mieke Moes

2015 'Johnny Walker' / Lubke 

2014 'Gesmoord' / Mother

2012 'Plankton' (Short) / Woman

2009 'Four Roses' /  Lubke



2022 ‘Rouge’ (producer)

2015 'Johnny Walker' (co-producer) 

2014 'Gesmoord' (producer) 

2012 'Plankton' (Short) (producer) 



2022 ‘Rouge’

2014 'Gesmoord

2012 'Plankton' (Short) 



2022 ‘Rouge’

2014 'Gesmoord

2012 'Plankton' (Short) 


Filmmaker and actress Mieke Daneels is an artist who gives her whole self to what she does. She undresses all that is not real to her artistic and self-revealing work. A confession as an experimental poem. With "Rouge", she won the prizes as finalist for Best Script for an Experimental Feature Film, semi-finalist for Best Actress in an Experimental Feature Film, and finalist for Best Soundtrack in an Experimental Feature Film. The full interview: Experimental Brasil.

Artist Biography

Mieke Daneels (°1978, Belgium) is a Belgium based film director, photographer, actress and visual artist.

Her work is exuberant, colourful and intuitive.

Sexual, sensual, explicit.

Dreamlike, associative, visual.


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