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Official Selection - Lule International Film Festival.png

Mie Videos

Official Selection - Clair-Obscur Filmfestival Basel.png
Official Selection - London Independent Film Festival.png
Official Selection - Thess International Short Film Festival.png
Best Film - International Festival of Independent Cinema Pure Dreams St. Petersburg.png
Prix de Nuit - Signes de Nuits Paris.png
Official Selection - Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas.png
Best Experimental Film - Stockholm City Film Festival.png
Official Selection - Boden International Film Festival.png
Best Experimental Film - Kiez Berlin Film Festival - 2023.png
Audience Award - Obskuur Ghent Film Festival - 2023.png
Official Selection - International Experimental Film Festival - Athens.png
Finalist - Experimental Brasil - 2023.png
Finalist - BIDEODROMO International Experimental Film and Video Festival - Bilbao.png
Rouge, a feature film by Mieke Daneels (trailer)
Smothered, a feature film by Mieke Daneels
Plankton, a short film by Mieke Daneels
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